Past Events & Presenters


Here are some past events we’ve hosted or organized since 1982.

Dreaming on the Prairie – a weekend gathering focused on our conscious and unconscious dreams of living fully on the land

Writing from the Earth – a writing workshop rooted in sense of place

The Language of the Prairie — weekend gathering featuring David Abram, author of Spell of the Sensuous

Moving with the Earth – a Feldenkreis movement workshop focused on self-healing and strengthening the body

The Next 25 Years: Creating a Sustainable Future – a weekend gathering with workshops on straw bale building, living lighty, rewilding, native habitat restoration and more.

Visions of Peace – a weekend gathering featuring bioregional artists and writers, sessions to envision and share visions of peace, and celebrations

Telling Stories of Place – a discussion and potluck in the heart of winter to share stories of places and spaces that shape our lives

Intimacy with the Earth – a round circle discussion of how to cultivate our relationship with the earth, held near Valentine’s Day

Celebrating The Prairie – a weekend discussion featuring William Least Heat Moon, Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson, held jointly with other Kansas organizations

The 9th Continental Bioregional Congress on the Prairie – a week-long congress bringing together farmers, activists, artists, wilderness advocates, educators, healers and many others to further develop and put into action a bioregional vision for the continent

Stephanie Mills on Living Bioregionally – a reading with the author of Epicurian Simplicity

Books That Changed Your Life – a mid-winter tradition of sharing powerful books and good food

More than Saving What’s Left – a weekend gathering featuring “road warriors” (people fighting the highway department to save sacred Native lands and habitats), city and county commissioners and planners, and more.

KAW Council has featured the following KAW members and friends at gatherings and events:

David Abram, Author of The Spell of the Sensuous

Stephanie Mills
– Author of Epicurian Simplicity

Wendell Berry – Author of many books of essays and poetry on ecological living

Judy Goldhaft – Planet Drum Foundation

Wes Jackson – Founder of The Land Institute

David Haenke – Founder of the Ozark Area Community Congress

Laura Kuri – Founder of the Bioregional Consejo in Mexico, and author of the Mexican bioregional reader

William Least Heat Moon – Author of Prairyearth

Mary Meyer and Richard Cartwright – Straw bale building and living lightly at home

From the Kansas Area Watershed:

Stephen Figgins – Wilderness awareness training

Ken Lassman – Author of Wild Douglas County, and Seasons and Cycles

Jerry Sipe – Wilderness photography

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg – Writing, literature and sense of place (see or or
Field Notes & Weather Reports)

Joy DeMaranville – Massage therapist and Feldenkreis practitioner

Dan Bentley – Organic gardening

Stan Slaughter – Compost toilets and recycling, and ecological troubadour

Richard Morantz – Chinese medicine and seasonal cooking

Mike Rundle – City commissioner and past mayor of Lawrence

Paul Hotvedt – Artist

Laura Jost – Artist and oral historian

Lavetta Rolfs – Consensus training, Learning for Life Center

Denise Low – Writer and poet, and expert on Native American literature

Bev Worster – Conservation planning