Walkabout/Talkabouts: For many years, KAW Council has held monthly walkabout/talkabouts: a chance to take a walk with old and new friends, exploring a particular place in our watershed and learning more about the other-than-human species among us. In our pandemic pivot, we are shifting to a 90-minute salon (via Zoom) to discuss a specific to catch up, check-in, and talk about a topic of interest to us the last Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. We’ll also have a Walkabout — a chance to take a 6-foot-apart-from-each-other walk together at 2 p.m. the final Sunday of each month (preceding the salon). Note: If things shift to greater safety in meeting in person, we will shift our salons to in-person gatherings.

Spring 2021 Calendar

To receive the Zoom info. for a salon, please email Ken at (best a few days beforehand, and Ken can also show you how to use Zoom if needed), and also, please ask Ken to put you on our email list. You can also see more at our Facebook page (please like and follow us here).

April 25: Walkabout 2 p.m. at Kaw River/ Talkabout: Local Plant Medicine 5-6:30 p.m. Here is a chance for us to exchange discoveries and experiences with herbs and plants that bring greater healing and health to us and others. Feel free to share a snippet from a book or article, photos or illustrations too. Walkabout: 2 p.m. – Join us for a nice walk in the woods along the Kaw River.  There should be lots of nice spring plants out. DIRECTIONS: If you are coming from Lawrence—, On Massachusetts street head north, cross the Kaw River Bridge.  Go north to 24/59 Junction (Tee Pee Junction).  Turn left (west)  go over the levee and you will see the park and the parking lot. If you’re coming in on I-70 take the east Lawrence exit #204 and turn right on U.S. 24/59 going north. Continue north approximately 1 mile to the traffic light at the 3 way intersection for U.S. 24/40&59. Turn left (west) onto blacktop/gravel road going over railroad tracks and over the levee. Follow this road and you will see the parking lot and trail head. 

May 23: Walkabout 4 p.m. Baker Wetlands/ Talkabout and Potluck: Where Are We Now? at Ken & Caryn’s Home 5:30 p.m.: Join us at the Baker Wetlands (meet at the east edge of the parking lot) for a walk followed by a potluck at Ken & Caryn’s. Email us for directions. Our discussion topic, “Where are we now?”, focused on what we realized, learned, and otherwise grappled with better understanding during the pandemic and where we see ourselves at right now (as best we can discern). 


Wild East Lawrence Walk (Self-Guided)

Wild East Lawrence Walk is a walk highlighting the native and ecological features of East Lawrence, including the topics of cool trees, the soils and geology of East Lawrence, and the seasonal highlights of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and other wildlife found within/passing through the neighborhood. The walk, which is part of the Songs & Stories of East Lawrence project with Kelley Hunt & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, is (because of the pandemic) now eternal and self-guided, thanks to Ken Lassman’s narration and Natalie Lassman’s music. Here is the self-guided walk below, and you can access the accompanying map here.

Past Walkabout/Talkabouts:

September 27: Plant We Know and Love — 5-6:30 p.m. Many of us have long-term relationships with plants or casual flirtations. Let’s talk about the plants of our lives: why and how they speak to us, how they’re changing and evolving, and how we’re living, working, breathing, and communicating with them.

November 29: The Birds of Our Lives — 5-6:30 p.m. Let’s talk about birds we see, saw, want to see, heard or hear, and find astonishing, intriguing, or beguiling. We can also talk about bird evolution and migration, the impact of climate change on birds, and what birds sing to our souls. Walkabout: 2 p.m., meet at the Wetlands — please meet in the parking lot.

December 27: Our Annual Favorite Books Recently Read Edition – 5-6:30 p.m. Each December, we delight in sharing our favorite books from the past year. Bring something to read (a brief excerpt or poem or passage), books to hold up and praise, and questions and curiosities. Walkabout: 2 p.m., meet at Dan & Kat’s little house (527 Lake St.) to talk alongside the river.

January 31: Weather and How It Changes Our Lives – 5-6:30 p.m. The weather changes our moments and our lives, sometimes more than others. Let’s talk weather and skies, clouds and storms, patterns and shifts as well as how the we’re changing the weather. Walkabout: 2 p.m., meet at Ken and Caryn’s house (email for directions).

March 28: Movies and Media That Changed Our Lives — 5-6:30 p.m. Let’s talk films — particularly bioregional films (films about place, sense of place, community and eco-community) that shook or woke us up, delighted or amused us, taught us how to be and what to do, and otherwise stay with us long after the credits roll. Walkabout: 2 p.m., meet at the Wetlands.