Kaw Valley Seeds Project

Here is one of KAW Council’s ongoing endeavors, the Kaw Valley Seeds Project: Our Local Living Seeds Reserve:

Vision: The seed of our food belongs to the Creator. The seed is on loan to us to be carried forward for the benefit of all, into the seventh generation. In these times of climate, economic, social and spiritual change, a local reserve of living seeds is a necessary legacy we carry forward in our endeavor to flourish in co-creation with all beings.

Mission: To create a local living seed reserve by fostering a network of people committed to growing, eating, sharing and bartering, buying and selling primary seed varieties of the Kansas River valley. We will facilitate this reserve by acquiring, keeping viable and dispersing locally adapted primary seeds and plant materials for propagation of food, medicinal, and ceremonial plants (these seeds locally grown and locally proven).


1.To collect and preserve local living primary seeds.
2.To collect and preserve the cultural histories of these seeds.
3.To promote and teach organic seed saving practices.
4.To develop and distribute food seeds that are optimum for our unique Kansas River Valley soils and variable climate.
5.To help establish a seed growers network to meet the needs of local gardeners, market gardeners, and small organic farmers.
6.To promote seed security and biodiversity.
7.To promote seed exchanges among interested parties through meetings and personal contacts.

Contact: Dan Bentley at 785-842-4418

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