We are happy to share with you important sources and resources, including an extensive annotated bioregional bibliography right here.

Here are some bioregional links for Bioregional Organizations, Bioregional Publications, and Bioregional Educational Programs as well as links to projects, organizations and programs started by or worked on by KAW Council people right below. For an extensive and annotated bioregional bibliography, please visit our blog (it’s the entry posted in Feb. of ’08).

Kansas Area Watershed Links:
Kaw Valley Almanac (daily guide to seasons and cycles)
Lawrence Sustainability Network
Planet Drum Foundation
Committee on Imagination & Place
Field Notes & Weather Reports from Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Brave Voice
Plainscraft Wilderness & Survival School
Kansas Land Trust
Mammouth Publications
Denise Low, Kansas Poet Laureate
Heartland All Species Foundation
Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour
Community Mercantile Food Co-op
Community Mercantile Educational Foundation
Lawrence Community Garden Project
Rolling Prairie Alliance
Build a Prairie

Bioregional Links:
Bioregional Organizations
All Species Foundation
Continental Bioregional Congress (please see links page for more!)
Ecovillage Network of the Americas
E.F. Schumacher Society
Great River Earth Institute
International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus
National Water Center
Alliance for Wild Ethics
New Haven Bioregional Group
Realistic Living

Salmon Nation

Bioregional Publications/Publishers:

Common Dreams
Context Magazine
The Ecologist
International Institute for Facilitation & Consensus Newsletterbranches
Manas Journal (E.F. Schumacher Society)
New Society Publishers
New Village
Ode Magazine
Ozark Area Community Congress
Orion Magazine
Permaculture Activist
Planet Drum Foundation
Realistic Living
Resurgence Magazine
Yes Magazine

Bioregional Educational Programs:

Goddard College — Individualized MA in Environmental Studies (with
place-based studies focus)
, Individualized MA in Transformative Language ArtsMA in Socially Responsible Business & Sustainable Communities, and BA and MA in Health Arts


Gaia University — bachelor and master degrees and graduate diplomas

Institute for Social Ecology(master degrees in partnership with Prescott College)