Membership – Kaw Valley Seeds Project

A Sincere Thank You to all local elders, Central Prairie Seed Exchange, and Seed Savers Exchange members for their sincere work at saving many of our basic seeds here in the central prairie, and doing the “backyard research” that has made their seed available to us today.

Membership: Membership is open to all. Growing seed and saving seed is encouraged but not a requirement.IMG_4903

Donations are appreciated to pay for publicity for our various projects and keeping the seeds viable via electricity (our freezer).

Membership payments should be made payable to “KAW Valley Seeds Project,” a not-for-profit organization, and send to:
Kaw Valley Seeds Project
Kansas Area Watershed Council
P.O. Box 1512
Lawrence, KS. 66044-1512

Contact: Dan Bentley  785-842-4418

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